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Jorge Aguilar - Agon, born in Barcelona in 1936. After attaining a University degree, he left Spain for Europe and mixed with the Bohemian circles of the Schwabinger Kunstkreis in Munich and Parisian Montmartre and St Germain du Pres.

His first exhibition was launched at The Medici Society in London and his reputation as an artist quickly grew into one of international recognition and repute. His distinctive style of painting reflects a personal record of his travels and to date he has had 10 highly successful world tours and over 191 individual exhibitions.

He holds an extensive list of award-winning Fine Art reproductions to his credit and has received some of the highest ranking academic awards and distinctions to be bestowed within artistic circles. Working from studios in Prance, Spain and England he speaks seven languages fluently and is a regular contributor to Radio and Television art programs.

Founder member of the European Academy of Arts, his paintings are represented in exclusive private collections and museums all over the world and citations appear in several notable reference journals. Since 2012 his paintings are hanging on permanent display in the main hall of the new Parliament building in Muscat,Oman.


A Romantic. Impressionist with distinctive influences initially from the Catalan Impressionist and European Surrealist movements. Subsequently with the Bohemian societies of  Montmartre & Saint Germain des Pres in Paris and the Schwabinger Kunstkreis in Munich.


Founder Member in Britain of the European Academy of Arts - Paris and Namur

Founder Member of "Group 63" and 'ARTIST 2000" in Great Britain

Founder of the Annual International Jorge Aguilar-Agon Student Artist Award from 2015 by The Fine Art Trade Guild of Great British.


Life Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts since 1980

Elected to The Court of The Fine Art Trade Guild of Great Britain and co-opted onto the Executive Board of Directors

Chairman of the Fine Art Trade Guild — Fine Art Committee

Chevalier Ancient Order of the Academie Europeenne des Arts – Paris

Elevated to the rank of Fine Art Trade Guild “Hall of Fame” in 2014 for helping the art and its industry in Great Britain.

To Date

89 Art Reproductions (Including several "Top 10" Fine Art Trade Guild Best Sellers)

191 Individual Exhibitions

127 Group-Salon Exhibitions (Including in Permanence at Muscat,Oman)

10 World Tours (Including The Anniversary Tour 2007-2011)

3 Commemorative Tours and 2 Museum Exhibitions

The Publication of “Amulettes” - a poetic triptych of poems and thoughts in three languages illustrated by the artist’s works.

The Publication of the “Book of Honours”- a compilation of 60 Years of an artist and poet’s professional life.