Jorge Aguilar-Agon

Copyright © Jorge Aguilar - Agon 2013

            Mediterranean (Size 33 1/2 x 56)

                La Seine, Paris (Size 36x48))

                Homage to Granada (Size 32x40)  

 The Ever Flowing Memories, Paris (Size 24x36)

 To La Place du Tertre, Montmartre, Paris (Size 40x32)

As Time Goes By - Memories of Paris (Size 32x26)

                   Driftwood (Size 26x32)

        The Wandering River (Size 32x48)  

      Last Year in Venice (Size 24x36)

           The Italian Lakes - Gandria (Size 24x36)

  The Eyes of Summer - Bruges,Belgium (Size 24x36)

       Contraluz - La Neige (Size 18x40)

          Turning a Winter's Page (Size 18x22)

                  The Mythical Tree (Size 24x24)

                       Surreal In July (Size 20x30)

                   Good Old England-Welford on Avon


 Another Day in Paris - Montmartre (Size 32x40)

  Promenade, Memories of Paris (Size 16x36)

Art Gallery

                       The uncertain horizon (Size 24x36)

 Homage to Gaudi, Barcelona (Size 12x8-12x13-12x8)

        Holland Revisited (Size 32x40)