Jorge Aguilar-Agon

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Special Works

     On a Medieval Spring (Size 40x48)

      Farewell to Summer (Size 40x48)

        Autumn Crossing(Size 40x48)

       Winter's Euphoria (Size 40x48)

The Rialto Bridge (Size 20x16)

         Grand Canal (Size 24x24)

             St. Mark’s Square (Size 20x16)

Venice Triptych

Four Seasons


La Serenissima Triptych

Venice - Triptych

Maybe you cannot comprehend the magic and the spirit of Venice on the Adriatic Sea unless you have experience it from the knowledge and background of a similar seafaring tradition such as the Catalan regions in the Mediterranean. Both areas thrived on trade and power, entrenched in riches and intrigue and, very important, in high patronage of the arts, which resulted in the unsurpassed magnificence of architectural manifestations.

I have, and always will, consider it a great honour to be able to depict “La Serenissima” in my exhibitions , following the lead to artists like Canaletto, Guardi and Turner. The Rest, as they would probably have said, has to be left history